Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday, September 28th

-The in class essay is during the Friday and Monday class periods (October 2nd, 5th.)
*check online for essay topics*
-Movie time on Wednesday!
- Essay due Friday Oct. 10 (Make sure to meet with Mrs. Smith)
-Finish annotations
-Check website

TODAY IN CLASS September 28th

3 big questions chapters 92-end

-Which story do you believe? Which one do you want to believe?
-Why does Pi compare himself to the tiger?
-Why did Pi stay so faithful to his faiths?
-Why did Pi give away his cookies?
-Do Pi and Richard Parker have an emotional connection?
-Why is it called Life of Pi if its just a story?

Essay topics:

  • Check website link
  • Look at rubric
  • 100pt Essay

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