Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monday, Septemeber 21, 2015

Good morning Smith!
Smith handed back our college essays. We need to pick our favorite essay to go over with Smith. Make an appointment with Smith in her daily calendar. The whole idea of the appointment is to make your essay better. The final essay will be due around the end of October. Her off hours are MWF:6 and TH: 1,4 and 6.

We got into groups of about four to discuss chapters 79-86 on a gigantic sticky pad. The mission was to make connections to: belief, barbarism, hope and fear. In order to make connections we were encouraged to find connections to self, unanswered questions, quotes, images and specific words. Groups had about thirty minutes to do so. Once time was up, groups stuck the sticky notes to the black board near Mrs. Smith’s desk.

Class read chapters 87-90 aloud. We read until page 308. Class discussed what happened during those few chapters. Ideas that came up where; Pi is going crazy because he is malnourished and Pi isn’t talking to anyone, he is just hallucinating. While we read, Smith came by to check our annotations.

Homework: finish reading through chapter 91, make an appointment with Smith to finalize your essay. Bring food on Monday for Pi Day.

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