Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hamlet Act 5 Period 4

Live Blog Hamlet Act 5 Period 4

Hamlet Act 5 Period 1

Live Blog Hamlet Act 5 period 1

Monday, December 7, 2015

12/7 Scribe

Today in 4th hour we read Act 5.1 and got about half way through Act 5.2, which we will finish on Wednesday before the fishbowl.  

For Wednesday:Fishbowl on Act 5
  1. Reading Act 5:1-2
    1. Questions
      1. What is the purpose of the gravedigger scene?
      2. What is Shakespeare saying about death?
      3. What are Hamlet’s feelings about death? about life?
      4. Denmark’s feelings about Ophelia? About Hamlet?
      5. Who is Yorick?
      6. Why does Shakespeare pair sad themes told with humor?
      7. Ophelia’s burial
        1. Feelings of Queen, King, Laertes, and Hamlet
      8. Hamlet v. Laertes in the battle over Ophelia. Why was it so late?
      9. Hamlet’s story of his trip
      10. Hamlet: genius or madness
        1. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Fishbowl on Wednesday
Last six weeks self evaluation due Friday
Second Semester planning Wednesday/Friday

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Scribe 12/4/15 Period 4

Today in class we held the fishbowl for act 4. Also, we talked about ideas and books to read for second semester. A list compiled by first period is: Frankenstein, Dracula, Portrait of Dorian Grey, The Importance of Being Earnest, Satire, Brave New World, 1984, and Lord of the Rings.

Homework for Monday is to think of possible additions to this book list and other ideas for second semester. Books must be at college reading level.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hamlet Act 4 Period 4

Live Blog Hamlet Act 4 Period 4

Hamlet Act 4 Period 1

Live Blog Hamlet Act 4 Period 1

Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

 Today in Period 4 of Mrs. Smith's English Lit. We started by writing down important dates in our assignment notebooks. Like the test over act 3 and 4 is Friday. Also that we will start and finish act 5 by next Friday Dec. 11 to start preparing for finals. To note that we will need computers on the 11th, 14th, and 17th for finals preparations.
Mrs Smith continued class by talk about act 4 scene 5-7 and wrote down the questions from the board.
  • What has happened to Ophelia? Why?
  • Ophelia and Hamlet? Connections and comparisons?
  • Laertes and Hamlet? Comparisons?
  • Why have they not told Laertes the true story?
  • Laertes revenge
  • Claudius uses Laertes: better for whom? How does he convince him to kill Hamlet?
  • Laertes reaction to Ophelia
  • Sailor’s message to Horatio
  • Ophelia’s demise
  • King and Laertes’ new plan

We began read act 4. As we read on we discussed about what Ophelia is singing as she talks to the king and queen.
“OPHELIA(sings) How can you tell the difference 
 Between your true lover and some other? 
Your true one wears a pilgrim’s hat 
 And a pilgrim’s sandals and staff.”(line 22-25 Act 4 Scene 5, Shakespeare)
She talks about her feeling of love is confusing because of what is happening with Hamlet and her.
“He is dead and gone, lady, 
He is dead and gone, 
At his head a grass-green turf,  
At his heels a stone.”(line 27-30 Act 4 Scene 5, Shakespeare)
The second song she is talking about her father’s death.
“Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day, 
 All in the morning betime, 
And I a maid at your window,  
To be your Valentine. 
Then up he rose, and donned his clothes,  
And dupped the chamber door. 
Let in the maid that out a maid  
Never departed more”(line 47-54 Act 4 scene 5, Shakespeare) The third song she is talking about being Hamlet’s Valentine and having sex with him and that is what she is telling the queen that she has slept with Hamlet already.
Continuing we read on and talk about how Claudius has blamed everyone else for the misfortunes that have happened and not himself. He blames Gertrude, Ophelia, Hamlet, but not himself. He also foreshadows Laertes’ arrival because he comes in secret. The messenger tells the king that Laertes  has come back and that he has an “army” of people wanting him to be the king. The King talks to Laertes and convinces him to take revenge on Hamlet. Claudius tell Laertes to work with him. We read on to find out that Hamlet has been kidnapped by pirates but they are letting him go. He sends the same letter to the king but words it differently. The King in scene 7 talks with Laertes about how Hamlet is after him and that Hamlet is jealous of Laertes’ fencing skills and that they plan to kill Hamlet during a match in a church.
We talk about how Laertes and the king plan to poison Hamlet with the sword and drink. The sword is plan a and the the drink is plan b if the sword doesn't kill Hamlet. Reading on near the end of scene 7 Ophelia drowned and Mrs Smith discusses that with the way she acted in scene 5-7 was her death really an accident. We filled out a chart to compare Hamlet , Ophelia, and Laertes. Hamlet:sucidal, depressed, acts crazy and wants revenge. Ophelia: suicidal, crazy, and depressed. Laertes: Angry because father's death, revengeful because he wanted to bury his father, revenge: death of his father and the way Ophelia has acted.
We ended the class by watching the Branaugh version of Ophelia’s actions. That was what we did in Mrs Smith’s English Lit.