Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Scribe Wednesday October 28th, 2015

          Today we did a progress check and reflection of the last 6 weeks and graphed our progress. We made sure to reference the rubrics given to provide an accurate assessment. You can see Smith for your graphing sheet and then start on a new piece of paper including the following information :




1. How's it going? How's life? How's school?
2. What is one thing that is going well? What is one thing that is challenging you? Tell me about it.
3. How can I help?

After finishing that, we continued reading in Act II. There will be a group quiz on Friday over the act and we will finish reading it in class.
             We discussed the following questions within the parts we read today:

    • What were the roles of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern ?
    • Hamlet’s suspicions of his friends?
We explored how Hamlet knows that his "friends" were sent by the king and queen and why. And again Hamlet expresses his depression and lack of enthusiasm for life.

HW: ~Make sure to also read the modern version at this link: Act 2. 1-2
~We will have a fish bowl on Monday of next week so presenters need to create a syllabus including questions for Act II to share with Smith.
~* If you are unsure if you are presenting or discussing make sure to check the list stapled to the front of the room that shows who is presenting when.

Wednesday, October 28 (PLC) day

To start class we began with updating the 6 week grading period reflection graphs.  A four by four table was made and we reflected on how the last 6 weeks have gone in terms of writing, speaking, and reading comprehension.  We stapled the new evaluation onto the old evaluation and turned them in.

We then discussed the figurative idea of Denmark as a prison, and how it is important to understand when analyzing hamlet's actions.

We proceeded to read act 2 scene 2 in class from lines 241 to lines 310.  There will be a quiz on act 2 this upcoming friday the 30th.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scribe 8/21

Question for the unit: Who are we? Men of inaction or action? Revenge or compassion?

Today was the quiz over the first Act in Hamlet. That included the first five scenes.
Important things to remember from each scene:

Scene 1:
  • Scene 1 takes place in Elsinore castle in Denmark
  • Horatio and Marcellus are trying to figure out why the dead king's ghost is appearing.
  • Something is amiss in Denmark
  • Pay attention to father son relationships. (Hamlet and King, and Laertes and Polonius)
Scene 2:
  • Hamlet contemplates suicide, but God will not allow it
  • Hamlet despises Claudius and views his mother as weak.
  • Polonius has a large ego and tries to keep his children from tarnishing his reputation
Scene 3:
  • Laertes tells Ophelia not to fall in love with Ophelia
  • Polonius talks to Laertes about how to act honorably
Scene 4:
  • Claudius is spending a lot of time partying
  • Hamlet follows his father's ghost after being asked not to by Horatio
Scene 5:
  • Hamlet learns his father was killed by Claudius.
  • He swears to avenge his father
  • Hamlet tells Horatio and Marcellus of his father's death and makes them swear upon his sword they won't tell anybody
There will be a fishbowl on Friday, so presenters need to come to class with a syllabus for how the discussion will be run. Everybody else will need to prepare for the fishbowl!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hamlet Act 1 Period 4

Live Blog Hamlet Act 1 Period 4

Hamlet Act 1 Period 1

Live Blog Hamlet Act 1 Period 1

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Scribe English Literature Pd. 4 8/14

Class was shortened because of the PSAT. School started at 11:15. Make sure parent teacher conference letter is turned in, a lot where missing. Revised college essays were graded and handed back. In class we read Hamlet act 1. We started on page 31 (act 1, scene 2) and ended on page 46 (act 1, scene 3). No homework, except for fishbowl act 1 group. They need to be ready by friday, syllabus needs to be shared with Smith, and the critical review needs to be printed out. Eli and Felipe are missing books.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday 10/14/2015

Scribe: Tylerann Cairns

Turn in Parent Teacher Conference Homework
Read Hamlet and act out finishing Act 1
People who have not done it are written on the board
Talk through Act one
Get College Essays back
Prepare for first fishbowl over Act one
Shortened class

Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015


  • Review Hamlet reading
  • Quiz next Wednesday 
  • Prepare for fishbowl act 1 Wednesday/ Friday next week

In class today:

  • We talked about the parent teacher conference letter
  • Assess your growth in learning so far this semester:
    • Address where you were at the beginning of the semester and where you are now in relation to the following areas: initial goal( one to one conference), Student Learning Objectives: reading comprehension, argumentative writing, speaking (collaborative and verbal). Make sure to identify goal from beginning of the semester.
    • Where do you want to be by the end of the semester in reference to your goal and our Student Learning Objectives of reading, writing and speaking?
    • How are you going to get there?
    • What help can I provide to help you achieve your goals?
    • Anything else you want your parents and I to talk about? Anything you want your parents to know about class?
    • Write a message to your parents: can be about anything- It’s nice to thank them

    Create a new folder called Parent Teacher conference; put in your shared folder; Share a copy in your Google Docs folder; Google Doc titled with your name; email parents a copy- inform them that this will be used at parent teacher conferences rather than discussing grades.  

  • Read act 1 scene 1, and part of scene 2. Connecting them to our essential question for the book
    • Essential Question:
      • Who are we? Men of action or inaction?  Revenge or compassion?

Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

  • There was no work due, but we must keep working on our Final College Essay.

  • Finalize college essay: must meet with Mrs. Smith before submitting, sign up if you haven’t already.
  • Final College essay due Friday; rubric college essay
  • Obtain a copy of Hamlet by Friday (If you have trouble understanding Shakespeare get yourself No Fear Shakespeare: Hamlet.)

In class Mrs. Smith told us to finish up our in class essays, put them into a folder titled (first name last name) and share them with After sharing we then had to print them out and turn them into her.
The printed out copies must have been turned in with a rubric stapled on the front and your outline on the back.
If we had failed to finish in time, we were given till the end of the day.

October 5 2015

In class, we finished writing our in class essays.
~Create a folder titled (first name last name) and share it with Drag your essay into it and also print out a copy.
~Staple the essay to the rubric she gave the class. Also a attach your outline to the back. The rubric is also attached to the website.
~We didn't get to checking in books or the graph but be prepared to finish on Wednesday.

For Homework:
~ Finalize your collage essay and make sure you meet with Smith if you haven't!
~ Final collage essay is due on Friday with the rubric attached to the website.
~Also bring a copy of Hamlet for Friday

October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

In class:

  • Write final essay-print off rubric
  • Check in Life Of Pi books
  • Graph: essay, discussion,annotation
Essay Topics:

    • Mamaji said “ This is a story that will make you believe in God.”
      • Do you agree or disagree? why or why not?
    • Life of Pi: Is this a book of barbarism or belief? Is this a book of faith or fear? What helps us survive?
    • Which story do you prefer? Pi’s story or other version?
    • How does Life of Pi answer the question of who are we?
    • Write your own Pi story
      • Fantasy v. reality
      • must have fantastical elements
      • model after Pi
    • Free choice: approved by Smith

  • Homework:
  • Finalize college essay: must meet with Mrs.Smith before submitting final-essay
  • Final College essay due Friday; rubric for college essay
  • Copy of Hamlet

  • For more informations go to Mrs. Smith's website

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday, October 2

October 2, 2015

In Class
-Bring in Outline Essay for Life of Pi to use for in class 
-Begin typing In-Class Essays in class on Friday and Monday as well.
-For the rest of the class time work on "Life of Pi" Essay 
Topics of Pi essays were:

    • Mamaji said “ This is a story that will make you believe in God.”
      • Do you agree or disagree? why or why not?
    • Life of Pi: Is this a book of barbarism or belief? Is this a book of hope or fear? What helps us survive?
    • Which story do you prefer? Pi’s story or other version?
    • How does Life of Pi answer the question of who are we?
    • Write your own Pi story
      • Fantasy v. reality
      • must have fantastical elements
      • model after Pi
    • Free choice: approved by Smith


  • Final College Essay due Next Friday (October 10, 2015), and make sure to talk to Mrs. Smith about your essay before turning it in 
    • College essays can be turned in ahead of time.
  • Pi Essay due at the end of class Monday (October 5, 2015) at the of the class period.
    • Bring in printed Outline Essay for Monday as well 
  • Remember to bring you laptops for Monday.
  • For any additional information go on Mrs. Smith's webpage 

Friday October 2

-In class essay on Life of Pi due on Monday October 5.
-Final college essay due Friday October 9. (You can turn it in early if you want)
-Make sure to meet with Ms. Smith (if you havent yet) on the final college essay

Today in class
All we did was work on Life of Pi essay.
The topics you can choose from are:

-Which story do you believe? Which one do you want to believe?
-Why does Pi compare himself to the tiger?
-Why did Pi stay so faithful to his faiths?
-Why did Pi give away his cookies?
-Do Pi and Richard Parker have an emotional connection?
-Why is it called Life of Pi if its just a story?

Here is the like to her slides, be sure to check what she wants on the outlines!

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, Septemeber 30

Beginning of class:
Mrs. Smith gave out a pink colored  rubric for the final college essay.
Homework: Bring your computers for Friday and Monday to work on your essay's.
College essay is due on Friday of next week.
Pi essay is due on Monday (For Topics go to the agenda for this day.)
(Both Rubrics are on the agenda for this day)

Rest of Class:
Short description of movie:

We see Pi stranded on his life boat with the famous Richard Parker and we can see that time is taking its toll on both of them. We see Pi run out of lead to write his emotions down. With this he can no longer channel his time into something sane. We see Pi drifting for what seems like an entirety. Only then does Pi come across a island that seems like a place to live for the rest of his life. There is food and fresh water. There is a catch to the island however...It's a monster. By day it is a paradise that one can live. By night it is a deadly place filled with acid ponds and carnivores plants. Knowing that he cannot stay here, Pi once again sets on his lifeboat with Richard Parker. Time passes until he comes to the shores of Mexico and he is met by a member of his own species. He is then taken to a hospital and treated for his wounds. Later we see two men who are there to discover what happened to the cargo ship. Pi tells them his story and then a fake one that they would believe more. The movie ends with Pi in his house, when he is older and with his living family, about  to eat dinner.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!!