Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scribe 8/21

Question for the unit: Who are we? Men of inaction or action? Revenge or compassion?

Today was the quiz over the first Act in Hamlet. That included the first five scenes.
Important things to remember from each scene:

Scene 1:
  • Scene 1 takes place in Elsinore castle in Denmark
  • Horatio and Marcellus are trying to figure out why the dead king's ghost is appearing.
  • Something is amiss in Denmark
  • Pay attention to father son relationships. (Hamlet and King, and Laertes and Polonius)
Scene 2:
  • Hamlet contemplates suicide, but God will not allow it
  • Hamlet despises Claudius and views his mother as weak.
  • Polonius has a large ego and tries to keep his children from tarnishing his reputation
Scene 3:
  • Laertes tells Ophelia not to fall in love with Ophelia
  • Polonius talks to Laertes about how to act honorably
Scene 4:
  • Claudius is spending a lot of time partying
  • Hamlet follows his father's ghost after being asked not to by Horatio
Scene 5:
  • Hamlet learns his father was killed by Claudius.
  • He swears to avenge his father
  • Hamlet tells Horatio and Marcellus of his father's death and makes them swear upon his sword they won't tell anybody
There will be a fishbowl on Friday, so presenters need to come to class with a syllabus for how the discussion will be run. Everybody else will need to prepare for the fishbowl!

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