Friday, October 2, 2015

Wednesday, Septemeber 30

Beginning of class:
Mrs. Smith gave out a pink colored  rubric for the final college essay.
Homework: Bring your computers for Friday and Monday to work on your essay's.
College essay is due on Friday of next week.
Pi essay is due on Monday (For Topics go to the agenda for this day.)
(Both Rubrics are on the agenda for this day)

Rest of Class:
Short description of movie:

We see Pi stranded on his life boat with the famous Richard Parker and we can see that time is taking its toll on both of them. We see Pi run out of lead to write his emotions down. With this he can no longer channel his time into something sane. We see Pi drifting for what seems like an entirety. Only then does Pi come across a island that seems like a place to live for the rest of his life. There is food and fresh water. There is a catch to the island however...It's a monster. By day it is a paradise that one can live. By night it is a deadly place filled with acid ponds and carnivores plants. Knowing that he cannot stay here, Pi once again sets on his lifeboat with Richard Parker. Time passes until he comes to the shores of Mexico and he is met by a member of his own species. He is then taken to a hospital and treated for his wounds. Later we see two men who are there to discover what happened to the cargo ship. Pi tells them his story and then a fake one that they would believe more. The movie ends with Pi in his house, when he is older and with his living family, about  to eat dinner.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

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