Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015


  • Review Hamlet reading
  • Quiz next Wednesday 
  • Prepare for fishbowl act 1 Wednesday/ Friday next week

In class today:

  • We talked about the parent teacher conference letter
  • Assess your growth in learning so far this semester:
    • Address where you were at the beginning of the semester and where you are now in relation to the following areas: initial goal( one to one conference), Student Learning Objectives: reading comprehension, argumentative writing, speaking (collaborative and verbal). Make sure to identify goal from beginning of the semester.
    • Where do you want to be by the end of the semester in reference to your goal and our Student Learning Objectives of reading, writing and speaking?
    • How are you going to get there?
    • What help can I provide to help you achieve your goals?
    • Anything else you want your parents and I to talk about? Anything you want your parents to know about class?
    • Write a message to your parents: can be about anything- It’s nice to thank them

    Create a new folder called Parent Teacher conference; put in your shared folder; Share a copy in your Google Docs folder; Google Doc titled with your name; email parents a copy- inform them that this will be used at parent teacher conferences rather than discussing grades.  

  • Read act 1 scene 1, and part of scene 2. Connecting them to our essential question for the book
    • Essential Question:
      • Who are we? Men of action or inaction?  Revenge or compassion?

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