Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday October 2

-In class essay on Life of Pi due on Monday October 5.
-Final college essay due Friday October 9. (You can turn it in early if you want)
-Make sure to meet with Ms. Smith (if you havent yet) on the final college essay

Today in class
All we did was work on Life of Pi essay.
The topics you can choose from are:

-Which story do you believe? Which one do you want to believe?
-Why does Pi compare himself to the tiger?
-Why did Pi stay so faithful to his faiths?
-Why did Pi give away his cookies?
-Do Pi and Richard Parker have an emotional connection?
-Why is it called Life of Pi if its just a story?

Here is the like to her slides, be sure to check what she wants on the outlines!

Enjoy your weekend!

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