Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

  • College essay due Friday, what is the moment that defines you? what moment made you, you?OR who has had the greatest impact upon your life? Why? How? What have you learned as a result? Read: annotations
    • Reading consists of chapters 60-66. (With annotations) 

    At the beginning of class you got your crossroads essay back and got to look over it. 
    During class we began to watch parts of the "Life of Pi"
    Watched Life of Pi: Watch ship sinking scene: power of hope v. power of fear; what’s stronger? Barbarism or belief
     Also Mrs. Smith went around and checked annotations for everybody. 
    (If you were gone, go and see her to get your annotations checked).
    Descriptions of Scenes:
    1. We start with seeing Pi playing a musical instrument for a group of dancers. This is because the normal music instructor could not attend that day. In the process he is introduced to a female character. They begin to talk and get close.
    2. We see that Pi is at the dinner table with his family and receives the news that they are moving to Canada. With this news he parts the female character and sets off on a new journey to Canada. Along with them they take the Zoo animals to sell in North America.
    3. We now see Pi on the freighter and he is just taken away by the weather. Later a storm comes and wakes a sleeping Pi. Pi goes out to the thunderous storm and yells that he wants more rain. Right at this moment an alarm sound starts to take place. Pi goes down to try and save his sleeping family, but has no luck doing so. He goes to the upper deck only to be thrown onto a lifeboat. He is then separated from his loved ones and floats away with a few companions. A few Zoo animals got onto the boat, such as the hyena, zebra, and Richard Parker. 
    4. We see a scared Pi make his own life boat to get away from Richard Parker and the other animals. Stranded out in the middle of the sea, Pi starts to develop survival skills for food and how to deal with the zoo animals. Orange wonders in on a raft of bananas and is soon taken by the hyena. While stranded the zebra also falls victim to the hyena. Later however it is the hyena who falls to Richard Parker.
    5. We see Pi trying to learn how to control Richard Parker and is fairly successful when using fish as a bait for the tiger. Yet the fish also has a second purpose for Pi. He gives in to hunger and eats any fish that he catches. 
    The class stopped at this point.   

    (Would try and find scenes on YouTube if you can)


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