Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday, September 11th

-Read Chapters 52-59
-College Essay Due Next Friday!!!
                 -Last College Essay
                 -Moment that defined you
                 -A moment you realized who you are/a major learning moment that you had
                 -Might be the first moment you ever did something (certain sports, reading, thinking about the                         world differently, ect.)
                 -Follow 1/3 and 2/3 Essay Rule!

We started class off by turning in our college "Crossroads" Essay
We will have a self assessment in:
                   - Overall growth (especially in fishbowl discussions)
We then discussed:

Why was the certainty that the tiger was going to kill him cheer him up?
-There is nothing to lose, so he might as well do his best
-It's better than a slow death
-When we lose all hope in things, the only thing we can have is hope and that he just wants to be happy again
-You can't lose anything else, and throughout there seems to be a lot of divine intervention

False hope vs. Fear
-Better to not be let down than to set our expectations high

Descriptions of animals, killing of them, ect.- Importance?
-Show desperation, link between humans and animals
-Separation between animals and humans, how we as people think that we could never kill like that
-Pg. 159 a good page for barbarism as it talks about killing

Is the hyena representative of barbarism and the tiger (Pi's protection away) like religion?
-More afraid of the tiger, and he is glad that he only has the hyena
-Religion tends to be harder to take on, versus day to day life of surviving

Do you think the goat used to track the panther represents anything greater?
-That you should know your place in life
            -Should we then push our limits?
            -People should push in order to achieve, learn what we are able to do and face our fears
            -Orange Juice faced her fears, because she broke out of her comfort zone because she was                              desperate. like we do when we become desperate
            -All on the boat are alike, and there is barbarism everywhere
            -Emotion changes instinct

Do you think Pi would resort to barbarism if need be?
-Less vulnerable to it, but still possible
-He feels sorry for the zebra, but he doesn't stop it because he is so focused on his own survival
-Mostly scared, power of fear

Losing OJ
-Wasn't worth it to stop the hyena
-Fear once OJ dies, because he is next
-Gave up hope on OJ's life, yet underestimated her
-We tend to underestimate others and ourselves, and Pi is underestimating himself
-Motherly figure for him, emotional creature
-"She reminded me of us", eyes expressing human like emotion
-Bottom of pg.164

Pi being "Numb"
-So tired, not being able to handle what is going on
-Look to religion possibly
-pg.165 "Christ on the cross" comparison to OJ
                     -Dying so Pi could live
        -Richard Parker also hope bringing?

Necessity is the mother of invention
-There is a reason why he is here
-Hard to see the greater purpose
-Found himself
-Is it a test to see which religion what he is going to follow?
-Time to find out who he is, exposing who he really is

Why is he not blaming God or asking for help?
-Not going to blame God
-View of religion is loving, ect.
-Feels like God is watching over him
-Trying to stay hopeful

Why does he describe the boat in such great detail?
-His whole life, nothing else to focus on
-Wants to know, so that if something can go wrong he can know what to do
-Ways to survive

Why did the sailors toss him onto the lifeboat?
-They made the mistake, he was the only one that survived
-They wanted to get the hyena off so they could get on
-Could it be a coincidence?
-How did the animals escape? Was it the sailors?

Do you think Pi's curiosity benefits him?
-Not very curious, he was the type of person to go back to sleep
-Ultimately what saved him
-Getting out of his comfort zone
-Walked past his parents room so that he could be his own person
-Curiosity can't hurt you

The boat fits 32 people, but only 32 cans?


Have a great Weekend! :)

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