Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday, September 9th

-Crossroads Essay (DUE FRIDAY)
           -Fits The Common App
                    -Ex. College, Being your own person, Confronting friends?
                    -SHOW, don't just tell the story. Bring us into the moment of the story
                    -You can use a series of events, but relate them together
           - Remember 1/3 and 2/3 rule (1/3 story, 2/3 YOU)
-Read Chapters 46-51 (DUE FRIDAY)

We voted on one of two options:
              A: Work time today, Friday discussion and reading for homework over the weekend
              B: Discussion today, Friday is homework time/work time
                              Either way, essay is due Friday
Our class voted to do option...... Drum roll........................... A! Today will be a work day, for essay and reading, while Friday will be a discussion and homework will be to read.

We also went through the hope power point that was due for today, explaining our quote and the photo that went with it.

Shania talked about how no matter what people can have hope
Emmy talked about even when people are in their worst points, there can be hope, like looking out a window
Connor talked about in your worst time is when you need hope the most
Brett talked about how you should always have a goal that you are striving for
Foster talked about when you are going into an athletic event you have the hope that you will not be defeated and you will be the best
Josh talked about how when you are at your worse, you need to hold on the most
Felipe talked about how his ultimate hope in life is to get to heaven and be the best he can be
Eion talked about Pi wanting all religions having a "passport" to heaven and there is hope in conflict
Scott talked about how there is always hope in God
Kat talked about how there is always the ability for a good outcome, and how the sun will rise tomorrow
Kenny said not to give up easily and to be consistently hoping for something better
Andrew said that even if you fail once not to give up, and even if you get bad grades you should get better eventually
 Joe said that even if you don't see anyone else like Pi didn't after the ship sunk, not to give up
Bruce commented that false hopes versus fear and how fear can be overcoming
Michael mentioned that we can make any dreams come true if we are creative
Haden said that the power of hope is more powerful than disappointment and problems
Dasia mentioned that we learn from previous experiences and everyday is new
Quinn saw that you have to work hard and hope at the same time to be great
Giuliana talked about how even though our hurts are bad, they can become something good
Katie mentioned that if there is hope and work are combined you will get what you want in the end
Jacob mentioned that even though most people fail, you have to push on

Get to work!

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