Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 2, 2015

  • Reading and Annotations of chapters 19-28 completed for today’s discussion

  • Finish reading 28-36 Friday, (Don’t Forget to Annotate)
  • Power of fear (visual) -add to Google Slides link (add a visual and a quote to support Power of Fear

Today in class Mrs. Smith failed to arrive, good thing Mr. Rosenberg was there to save us.

Donut Day was met with disappointment from the lack of Donuts.

Graded Group discussion of chapters 19-28 (Katie volunteered as tribute and kept record of participation)
Mr. Rosenberg had us put our discussion questions on front board and asked us if we were confused about anything in the previous chapters.

We discussed much throughout the hour, here is a quick run-down of the questions that occurred

Some Class Questions:
Does Pi value one of his religions over the others?
Do Pi’s parents support his religious decisions since they themselves are not that religious?
Does Pi care what other people think of his religious ideas?
How can Pi stay with 3 different religions if they contradict each other?
Big Topics:
Why is Pi attracted to Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism
How is Pi’s search for belief much like our own lives?

(If you need to make up or redo the group discussion please contact Mrs. Smith to schedule a time to do so.)   

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