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Wednesday, August 26

If you are reading this, you didn't get donuts.

  • Song annotations. She wants to be able to say she knows you after reading your annotations. Friday.
  • Read/ annotate chapters 9-18. Friday.
  • Essay.  How do our beliefs and faith define us?  RULE for college essays. 1/3 story 2/3. You. Due monday
  • Pg. 57 quotation due Monday.
HW: Essay: typed, proofread, double spaced 1 ½ pages: How do our beliefs and faith(either absence or presence) define us?

College Essay tips:
  1. Tell a story: be about you
  2. ⅓, ⅔ rule
  3. Be positive
  4. Don’t offend
  5. Avoid cliches
  6. Be you

  • scribe
  • song assignment: questions?
  • discuss 4-8
    • share thinking out loud- participation graded :) how are you going to show me your thinking?
    • 3 observations, questions, or thoughts: post on board
    • Discuss reading
  • Watch Name scene, tiger scene
  • Read ch. 9-18
    • Be able to share your thinking on Friday
  • HW: Song assignment, Essay: How do our beliefs and faith(either absence or presence) define us? p.57 quotation- due Monday, finish reading,

We watched the scene of Pi getting his name.
  • when role was called in each class he made sure everyone knew to call him pi.
We also watched the scene of the tiger and the goat.
  • What lesson was his father trying to teach him?

Class discussion about chapter authors note -8

  • You dont need to raise your hand
  • “those we meet can change us.” Eli thinks this is foreshadowing because he thinks someone pi meets will change him
    • who you are is based by who you associate yourself with.
  • The animals like being in captivity because everything given to them
  • Pi also argues that man is the worst behaving animal in the zoo
  • Why does martel spend so many pages talking about animals?
    • maybe he is trying to make a comparison to humans
  • Why does pi go from being so positive about animals to so negative so quickly?
    • he does know that they can still take his life
  • Zoos compared to religion
    • certain aspects of freedom cloud them both
    • he argues this because he thinks that religion is not tangible
    • “I was more afraid that in a few words thrown out he could ruin something I love.”
  • Atheist vs. Agnostic
    • atheist
      • no belief
    • Pi can not stand agnostic because they are uncertain
  • Is Pi closer to his mom or dad?
    • while young liked mom more but older will like his dad because of the lessons provided by his dad
  • He compares himself at school to an animal in the zoo treated by man.

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