Monday, August 24, 2015

Start of Class: “Name” essays were given back.
HW over the week:
  1. Song Assignment (Due Friday): find a song that exemplifies who you are and who you want to be? (due Friday) Annotate, dissect, examine music lyrics- write all over them!  Show me connections to you? Printed off and ready to turn in on Friday
  2. Annotations, Book of Life of Pi (Due Friday): Chapters 4-8 with annotations. If you don’t have annotations you can’t talk. If you don’t talk you don’t get points.
  3. College Essay (Due Friday): typed, proofread, double spaced 1 ½ pages: How do our beliefs and faith(either absence or presence) define us?
    1. Tell a story: be about you
    2. ⅓, ⅔ rule
    3. Be positive
    4. Don’t offend
    5. Avoid cliches
    6. Be you
We were asked to write some annotations from the Authors Note, and chapters 1-3:
Some of the discussions:
  • What does the sloth have to do with this story?
“Pi described the sloths as happy, slow, and complicated creature.”

  • We can make a prediction there was a trauma with water through the quote:
“The first time I turned a tap on, its noisy, wasteful superabundant gsh was such a shock that I became incoherent and my legs collapsed..”

“This is what I will be looking for on. We will be discussing in groups on Wednesday”
-Mrs. Smith

End of class: had time to work on book annotations and song lyrics

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