Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Scribe 11/2/2015

We started class today looking over our act II notes for a few minutes before taking the quiz. We got into groups of 3-4 people to take the quiz over act II. Smith reminded us to show her notes from this week in class to get participation points.

 After the quiz we looked at guidelines for the readers' theatre assignment for act 3. For this assignment, we got into groups and picked a scene from act 3. Each group will be responsible for performing their scene for the class, complete with props, scripts, and acting. Speaking parts were chosen within each group. We will have time to practice the scenes in class, but should be ready to perform by next Friday, November 13. Smith passed out a purple packet with guidelines and a purple rubric for this performance, noting that it is for a big grade (almost like an essay). The winning group gets a treat from Smith!

After going over the readers' theater guidelines, we watched more of the movie for act II, and laughed a little bit at Hamlet's crazy eyes and silly acting.

Homework is to print a script for class over the scene your group selected and read the modern version of all of act III.

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